There’s Laughter in Slaughter–by Jason Simpson

Flash Murder! Hmm….this might be a theme all on its own one day. Short, crazy, and brutal.

There’s Laughter in Slaughter

by Jason Simpson

A man in his early twenties stands under a hot light, sweating ice buckets as he begins his show. He is a first time comedian. His father had wanted him to take over the family construction business, but this… this is where he belonged. He had dropped out of college to pursue his true love of comedy. His father made him work off the semester of money he wasted by working for him; in fact, they had built this theatre.

He emerges from stage right and adjusts his mic.

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An End to Suffering–by Evan Osborne

Very happy to bring our first–and it’s a wonderfully twisted story–from a writer who will soon be writing and editing the movies you go to watch with your children! Just remember that when you finish. So, here’s to our first writer truly shining his darkness…


An End to Suffering

by Evan Osborne

        Halloween night, all hallows eve, Samhain, whatever you wanted to call it, is a time when the veil that separates us from the world of the dead becomes thin, porous even. A more perfect night could not have been constructed for the glorious purpose I was about to embark upon. For years, I had struggled against His will as I fought against what I was. It took me a long time to reconcile that he is infallible, that if he made me the way I was then surely there must be a purpose for it. Then one day, in a moment of rapturous clarity, I finally understood what it was He wanted me to do, what I was born to do. Tonight, on Halloween, I would help an innocent soul slip free of the pain of living. The first of hopefully many such blessed individuals that I would send unto Him.

            Life is pain, emotional, physical, and most of all, spiritual. From the moment we are forced from the warm safe confines of our mothers tender flesh, we are assaulted with pain of all kinds. The cold sting of the air upon newborn flesh used to the warm waters of the womb, the searing brightness on half formed eyes unneeded in the dark safety of the mother’s body, and the first touch of wretched humanity in the slap on the buttocks from a so called healer in order to hear us cry. Continue reading

Getting closer!!

Hello everyone. Well, submissions for the first theme will end soon. And we’ve gotten a lot of great stories. Some I am very excited to share. And we’re also hammering out the details of the journal and process, so we’ll be making some small changes, and clarifying some others. For instance, 3000 words might have been a bit too much! And when we will respond. All of these will be in a nice new page called Submission Guidelines, soon.

Submissions are open for the new theme as well–Sci-Fi Noir.


To those who have submitted works, we’ll send you letters of acceptance or rejection after the 15th.

Update and Theme #2

So……..WOW. Quite a number of submissions have come in. It’s going to be hard deciding which ones make it and which ones to accept and which ones not to. A lot of great stuff! And if you’ve submitted, hang tight! I will notify everyone soon, I promise.

And since it seems people are interested in this little project, we’re going to move forward with theme #2, and see if we can get a little out there. So, for you Blade Runner lovers:

Sci-Fi Noir

And as before, here are the rules:

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Call for Submissions! (First Ever!)

How this is all going to work:

The year will be divided into four quarters. Each quarter will have a theme. Generally, we’ll be looking for submissions for the next two themes with dates of when we will accept them. For this first round, we’re only going to announce the theme for the first quarter–October through December, our Fall Issue, if you’d like to call it that. And the first theme will be…

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Shake the Shadow

What is Shine Your Darkness? Well, it’s a place for writers to go further than they ever have, to push themselves that extra step. With dark writing, especially Noir, writers often have to make themselves unnerved–only then can they be sure the reader will be too. So, here is a journal that celebrates such writing. To look into the abyss and take the plunge.

A Call for Submissions will be up soon. The goal of this online journal is to publish one Noir story each week. And keep a watchful eye for themes, and maybe contests too!


Where does the name come from? These lyrics:


When the darkness comes, let it inside you
And your darkness is shining, my darkness is shining
Truth, Alexander